Amanda Spagnuolo

I am an aspiring Art Director with a background in marketing communications trying to navigate her way (quite clumsily) through this thing called life. I mainly ventured into the wonderful world of advertising because my Hogwarts letter never arrived, even though a Buzzfeed quiz revealed that I was indeed 100% magic. Saddened that I was forced to live out the rest of my days amongst muggles I turned to advertising to pursue my passion for design and creating awesome stuff. I identify as a self-diagnosed typoholic and  live my life in the constant pursuit of coffee. I’m also the person who sings in the car and makes intense eye contact with my fellow commuters as I belt out my best Whitney. When I’m not performing, I enjoy planning vacations that I never actually have time to go on. I pride myself on my knowledge of utterly useless facts and pop culture trivia.

Aside from providing you with (unwanted) musical performances from varying genres, I can deliver a passion for collaborating and creating, along with a work ethic that matches my love for moody R&B and cats (which is hugeeee). I never back down from a challenge and I excel during crunch time. I’ve learned that coffee, midnight snacks and a group of awesome human beings is the best recipe for having fun while going crazy. Oh, and that advertising is a close second to Hogwarts (shh don't tell anyone).

If you would like to take a gander at the rest of my portfolio, feel free to do so!


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