Brooke Horner

Team player, creative problem solver, enthusiastic learner and determined oh and a puppy obsessed diet coke addict.

Hi, I’m Brooke and I am a student of advertising.

Over the years I’ve acquired quite a few skills that have helped me become the person I am today. Being apart of a big family has made me a team player. At holiday dinners if you don’t contribute to the meal, you’re on clean up duty. And that means my mother will call my name and give me the look, telling me to get a move on those dishes piled up at the sink.

For 21 years I’ve lived on a farm that was located in the middle of nowhere and with that it was hard to find things to do. That meant planning obstacle courses (that guaranteed myself a win), making chap stick that I would never put anywhere near my lips, and of course the good ole dress up, it’s always fun pretending to be someone else!

Personally for me elementary school was more of a social gathering rather than for learning, of course I had learned the basics, but I enjoyed talking to my friends more so than learning the process of long division. The socializing didn’t necessarily stop, but it soon became that I wanted to hear what my teachers were speaking about and wanting to know more. Just like anyone else, when I’ve found something I enjoy, I want to learn more about the topic and if possible experience it.

My determination comes from my parents, they’ve always taught me that I need to work for what I want and be the best I can be and not doing that would be disappointing, not just to me but to my parents (and to me having my parents disappointed in me is the worst thing ever).

Concerning the puppy comment, it should be quite understandable, I mean they’re puppies, all you need to do is take one look and your heart will melt, enough said. And if Diet Coke was not considered a soft drink and “bad for you”, I could slug those things back the same way some people drink coffee...or an alcoholic beverage.

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