Clement Wong

I've always believed that coming up with something "creative" (in relation to Advertising) is useless if it doesn't have some sense or "strategy" behind it (and vice versa). You might be able to Photoshop your ass off, or write a witty headline that pleases the "Pun Gods" of advertising, but at the end of the day if it isn't on brief, or doesn't "make the sale" then you're just being creative for the sake of being creative.

My instinct tells me that as the years go on, the lines which define the traditional roles in advertising are going to get blurry, and because of that I'm choosing to approach my career as a "T-Shaped Thinker"; someone that is at the very least fluent, if not proficient on both sides of the creative-strategic line.

Speaking of the future lets be blunt here:

My goal is to find myself at an agency that stands out, an agency that is concerned with more than just churning out ads for the sake of billing clients. I want to get up, shower, shave and then walk into a building full of inspired, dedicated and like-minded individuals who on a daily basis try to figure out ways to "move the needle" in the spirit of creativity and innovation. This is who I am. This is where I want to be.

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