Joel Din

Alright, so your random series of Internet searches and frivolous clicking or screen tapping somehow brought you to my page. Welcome. I think it's customary to offer guests a beverage when they first come in, so I'll do just that, but it would be a little strange and awkward to sip *insert drink of choice here, times two* without knowing anything about each other, so I should probably tell you a little about myself.

I feel like I'm a pretty multi dimensional individual, a Joel of all trades. I don’t just love to write, I’m also quite the athlete. Last season, for example, I was leading the stats board with an 85% field goal shooting average. The ball I was shooting, however, was formerly a piece of paper with an idea that just wasn’t there yet, and the net I was shooting into was a trash can on the other side of my bedroom. Why didn’t I just move the trash can closer you may be asking? Well, that's because I love a challenge, and I like making even the most tedious tasks entertaining. Life’s too short to not yell “Kobe!” before launching a piece of trash into a garbage can and acting like it’s a buzzer beater shot that won you the championship if it goes in.

I'm also always interested in learning something new. That's what compelled me to complete the Creative Advertising program. I took away a lot from my two years at Seneca, but I do feel that I should've also been credited for a Masters in Astronomy, because of all the hours I spent staring into space, trying to think of fresh, disruptive ideas for new creative content I could start making.

Ok enough about me, you get the gist. I like telling stories as much as I like writing them; I'm passionate about creating in all senses, whether it's using sound, imagery, words or all three; and I’m hungry for knowledge. Now it's your turn, remember that drink I offered? It's waiting to be poured, my treat, but let me learn a little about you first, and find out how my passions and skills might be of assistance to you. Check out my portfolio, find me on Linked In or send me an e-mailLooking forward to hearing from you!


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