Nate Moenck

Palus. Gingerus (n) This type of creative is found primarily in the wild writing headlines and body copy.  Identified by his dark red hair and unkept beard he responds to Nate or Ginger to close friends. While previously taking media studies at university he learned all about the evils of advertising -  now he wants a taste for himself. Working as a bartender, exotic flower planter and Japanese camp counselor has given him numerous perspectives on how people this about the world.

Nate works well with others and is happy to support ideas he thinks are strong while mercilessly drown his own weak ones. An easy-going but hard working attitude has made him a valued creature in the Seneca creative jungle.  He peppers conversation with inside jokes until a court injection demands he stop. Natural predators include deadlines and full sun which burns his fair skin. Startles easily but calmed with word play, approach with creative honesty.


Here is some of the stuff I made.



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