Ray Ignatenco

Hey, I’m Ray.

I am a visual communicator, and innovative problem solver. In other words, I am an art director — aspiring. I have an honours BA Degree in Communication Studies, and a Diploma in Creative Advertising at York and Seneca. As a joint program student, time management was my key to surviving. I decided to commit myself to this torture, because I decided what I wanted to do since I was a kid.

In doing so, I taught myself most of the Adobe suit at a young age. In particular, Photoshop, Premier, Indesign, and Illustrator. I am a fast learner, and apply new techniques to my executions. I greatly appreciate my mentors because they push my abilities to produce better results. Considering I have nurtured my post skills for years, I am always happy to help my peers. I strive to help because I advocate “A tide raises all ships.” If given the opportunity, I know I can excel. I am dedicated to my passion, and love to integrate hidden insights into a great campaign. I am creative, innovative, very friendly, and now looking for a new home. Please take a look at Ray10co.com for more of my work.


Ray Ignatenco.



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